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52x Podcast Edit, Mix & Master

£1,820.00 £1,600.00

52x Podcast edit, mix & master of up to 30 minutes each.

Product Description

52x Podcast edit, mix & master of up to 30 minutes each. Within this package you will receive:

  • Noise removal – Where possible, if the recording is somewhere with distracting background noise i.e. live event or coffee shop
  • Edits as requested – Where notes are provided we can make edits to your recordings, removing any unwanted sections. Any distracting UM’s,  AH’s or coughs.
  • Insert provided audio – Want a podcast intro / outro added, or a sponsorship tag inserted. We will add anything you provide to the podcast.
  • Post Production, volume setting, EQ/Compression where necessary – Setting everything level and clean will make for easy listening
  • Mastering of multiple tracks – There’s nothing worse than listening to a podcast where one part is louder than another
  • Export the finished podcast in format of your choosing – i.e. MP3, 128Kbps, Stereo, 44.1 kHz

We will turn this around in 3 to 5 working days from receipt of all elements.


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