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Specialising in podcasting with over 20 years experience, we believe podcasts are the best way to truly engage your potential customer & gain their trust.


Billion Hours of Audio consumed in 2016


People said they would buy something they heard on a podcast


Podcast Growth 2015 - 2016


Monthly Listenership has grown since 2013

Our Services..

Edit, Mix & Master

Got your idea ready and content lined up, but need audio professionals to make it sound sleek and sexy? We can get your audio completely ready for release with professional editing, mixing and mastering to your wants and needs.

Curate Content

Want a podcast made from idea to finished article? Our creative teams can bring ideas to the table and then make them a reailty! If you have your own website and want to host your own content, but just need someone to make it then this is for you.

The Full Shebang!

We will take your dream to idea stage, production stage and beyond. With hosting, distribution, show notes, transcription, artwork & even marketing assistance. Let us take care of it all so that you simply get to reap the benefits of podcast content marketing.


Need help developing an idea, or want advice on equpiment, launching, hosting, interviews etc. We’ve made the mistakes so that you don’t have to! All consultancy types: from 1 hour phone or Skype calls to full day team visits. 

Our Work..

We are working with Onlim, a social media automation and chatbot company, making these awesome story and interview based podcasts about technology. We provide the full package for Onlim with full narrative and production of the podcast, content curation, transcription, hosting, show notes and blog writing. Click above to listen.

We have been editing, mixing and mastering the Future Squared podcast for some time. This podcast is presented by Steve Glaveski for Creative Campus in Sydney, Australia. Steve brings amazing interviews with thought leaders to us, and we make them sound great and get the podcast ready for release. Click above to listen.

Who we’ve worked with..

Who we are..

“I started Abrupt Audio after a long time in commercial radio. I decided that I wanted to stop talking about Little Mix’s latest boyfriend and create great content that will still add value to the world in a few years time, plus I wanted to run my own business and make my own money.”

Chris Huskins

CEO & Co Founder, Abrupt Audio

“I was doing my own thing creating podcasts and Chris came to me and said that is what I am doing too, and convinved me to join forces. A few years later we’ve created over 100 shows a year. It is great to be making amazing content that people genuinely enjoy listening too.”

Ant McGinley

Creative Director & Co Founder, Abrupt Audio

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